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Hope for Moms | Restoring Hope Ministries

Hope for Moms


You had plans for your life, but having a baby wasn’t one of them.

Every year thousands of young women find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.   For many of them, there is no emotional support, from either the father of the baby or the family.  They feel abandoned and scared- left on their own to carry the burden.

Facing the situation alone seems more than they can handle and many times termination seems to be a quick solution to an unwanted problem, because removing the mistake seems much easier than dealing with it.

At “Hope-for-Moms” we realize that people do make mistakes.  Situations get out of control and before you know it, a young woman finds herself pregnant. Her whole life has just been shattered and turned upside down.  But we also realize that all life is precious.  That of the young woman, as well as that of the unborn child she is carrying.

We realize that hasty decisions can be made when you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn for support. Decisions that may seem to relieve the momentary problem, but will later continue to have a negative effect on your life. Many young women have regretted making a hasty decision after it was too late to change.

For that reason “Hope-for-Moms” makes itself available to those of you who find yourselves in this very situation and will connect you with someone who can help. God cares for you. He cares about your life and its future, and He wants to help you.

We will offer support and encouragement, as well as some positive options and solutions.  We’ll provide referrals to other programs that can help you make the informative decisions that will be best for you and your unborn baby.

And we’ll remain available to help you put the shattered dreams back together.

Hope for Moms is a support and referral program designed to connect pregnant young women with the continued help they need.

The program also offers help to new moms of all ages who are struggling to make ends meet by helping to provide with baby needs.

To do that we accept the following donations…


  • High Chairs
  • Bouncy Seats
  • Portable Pack & Play Pens
  • Infant Carriers – (We cannot accept car seats)
  • New & Used Toys in good condition


  • Newborn – Size 6T
  • Crib Sheets & Blankets
  • Crib Mobiles
  • Disposable Diapers (Newborn-1 year)
  • Seasonal clothing, shoes